24 April, 2016

Free Prize Draw To Win A Multi-Card Reader

I've got a great little free prize draw competition for you this month where you can win a multi-card reader for your Windows laptop or desktop computer, simply plug this little gadget into a free USB socket and you can read and write to pretty much every type of memory card available.

Download pictures from phone and camera SD Cards and much more, you can read and write to MS, SD, Mini SD and Micro SD cards with this little gadget, so that's pretty much all sizes of card you can work with.

Enter the Free Prize Draw here, by subscribing to our free newsletter.

I'll contact the winner in a months time to arrange free delivery of your free multi-card reader.

24 August, 2015

Carly completes our free hosting server upgrade

Carly has just completed our server upgrade to provide even more space for your free hosting. Here you can see Carly hard at work in our server rack.

Updated specs now include:
1000 MB (one gigabyte!) Disk Space, 10 MB maximum file size, 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth, Use your own domain name or choose from one of over 30 different subdomains., 5 addon domains, 5 parked domains, 5 sub domains, 5 MySQL databases, PHP Config (alter server PHP settings).

Zend encoder supported, Ion Cube support, PhpMyAdmin, Custom CNAME manager, Custom MX records, Custom SPF records, Cron Jobs, Custom error page manager, Password protected folders.

Automatic script installer, Free sitebuilder (with templates), No Forced Advertising on Users Websites You can add your own advertising if you wish, FTP account and File Manager, Control Panel, MySQL databases & PHP Support, Free tech support, Addon domain, Parked Domains and Sub-Domains.

28 February, 2015

Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Free Minecraft server hosting is now here, to run Minecraft your need to download the free Minecraft server software from the Mojang website, your also need to download Java for the server, there's a link to Java on the Mojang instruction page where you can read about installing Minecraft on the server.

Your need to install Java for a Linux server and Minecraft for Linux as that's the servers we have here, also note that it's the server version of Java that you need to install and not the desktop Java client that you have on your computer at home.

06 December, 2014

Find all the websites on an IP address

I thought I'd share with you a favourite trick to find all the websites on an IP address, basically how to find all the websites on a server.

First your need to know the IP address of the server where the website is hosted, to do that on a Windows PC just type cmd into the Windows search bar or look for Command Prompt in the Start > Programmes > Accessories folder of the start menu, then when you're in the command prompt (that black window so reminiscent of MSDOS), just type ping websitename.com and press the return key on the keyword, your see pinging websitename.com and then the IP address of the website, that's the IP address you need to know.

Take that IP address and go to bing.com, yes we have finally found a reason to visit the Bing search engine, and it's a pretty good reason now type into the search bar IP:blah.blah.blah.blah or whatever IP address the ping command showed you and now your see all the websites hosted on that server displayed to you by the Bing search engine,pretty neat huh, and that cool trick doesn't even work with Google.

You might like to know what other websites are hosted on a server to see if your server hosts any adult related or other nefarious websites that you might not like your website to be associated with Google calls this bad neighbourhoods, the other reason you might like to know what else is hosted on the server is just to be nosey and see who the other clients of the hosting company are or even to see how fast their websites are in compared to yours.

You can also use this method to snoop on similar websites that might be owned by the same person as a website you have just found, basically to see all the websites on that server that might be owned by the same person, I should tell you that your much better off building your own website than snooping on others, but an interesting trick nonetheless.

24 November, 2014

Top 5 SEO hasn't written a post since July 30, so I've written it for him

David McSweeney over at top5seo used to be a bit of a prolific blogger and imparted some really good SEO information, I particularly like David's case study posts where he shows you how he has made money on a website and the steps he took to get there.

I hope David won't mind this slightly 'tongue in cheek' comment on his blog, I certainly won't be writing a post in his style, but wanted to highlight how many bloggers, especially SEO bloggers, affiliate bloggers and well just bloggers in general seem to have given up on blogging, now I'm sure that's not the case with David and he will no doubt be busy with clients, but it's a case in point how hard it is to find regularly updated blogs on making money with SEO.

Sometimes you embark on a web project and just can't bring yourself to finish it off, other times you 'let it take care of itself' for a bit, whatever the reason with David I hope that he starts blogging again soon, as back when he was publishing regular posts I would check his blog every other day to see if he had posted as it was always a very good read.

David also plays guitar and sings in a band, so maybe he got a gig on a cruise ship and is sailing the Caribbean, I don't know I'm just guessing on that one, but want I want to do is highlight to you dear reader a truly excellent blog you should go read and give David a nudge to post another great article.

23 November, 2014

100% Free Web Hosting

Enter your email address in the sidebar to register for 100% Free Web Hosting with no forced advertising and you can even show your own adverts if you want too.

There's no money required, no posting to do, no credits to get, it's just 100% Free Web Hosting.

When I first started out building websites and making money on the web I used every free web hosting company I could find, many of them had very limited features, many of them had so many adverts they made your website unusuable and many of them deleted your website for not apparent reason.

So I thought I'd give back and setup free website hosting here on RichardPF, below your find all the greta features like the ability to host blogs, forums or program your on websites in PHP, if you have any questions or get stuck, your welcome to leave a comment or contact me directly for some help.

You can use your own domain name or use one of 30 different subdomains to host your website.

Use the automatic installer to install a Wordpress blog in just one click or use your own PHP scripts that you can upload yourself or choose from one of the automatic installer options which include: WordPress Blog, Joomla! CMS, PHPbb Forum, MyBB Forum, Drupal CMS, Vanilla Forum, OpenCart Ecommerce Shop, OsCommerce Ecommerce Shop, ZenCart Ecommerce Shop, BigAce CMS, Nucleus CMS, CubeCard Ecommerce Shop, Typo3 CMS, B2Evolution Blog & CMS, FAQ Master, GeekLog CMS, Kajona CMS, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Web Auction, Pligg CMS and many more.

For Internet Marketers and those looking to start Affiliate Marketing it's the perfect way to start without any cost or if you're looking to host your own website to learn how to program you can do it all for free or maybe you run a club or hobby website which you want to host for free.

Setup is easy with the one click installer and you get all these features absolutely free including MySQL, PHP and e-mail:

  • 1000 MB (one gigabyte!) Disk Space
  • 10 MB maximum file size
  • 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Use your own domain name or choose from one of over 30 different subdomains.
  • 5 addon domains
  • 5 parked domains
  • 5 sub domains
  • 5 MySQL databases
  • PHP Config (alter server PHP settings)
  • Zend encoder supported
  • Ion Cube support
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Custom CNAME manager
  • Custom MX records
  • Custom SPF records
  • Cron Jobs
  • Custom error page manager
  • Password protected folders
  • Automatic script installer
  • Free sitebuilder (with templates)
  • No Forced Advertising on Users Websites You can add your own advertising if you wish
  • FTP account and File Manager
  • Control Panel
  • MySQL databases & PHP Support
  • Free tech support
  • Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains

There's no money required, no posting to do, no credits to get, it's just 100% Free Web Hosting.

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