27 October, 2013


Welcome to my blog, it's called RichardPF because my names Richard and the blog is loosely about Personal Freedom.

Personal Freedom is having the ability to choose what you do with your life and to me that means earning enough money online that you don't have to work for someone else.

I hope to make the blog funny, with an often irreverent look at all things to do with making money online as well as blogging about making money I'll blog about computers and the software you need for those of us like myself who had no computer training at school really need!

It should be noted that I have no financial training or authorisation to offer any financial advice and that's why I don't offer any financial advice, it's all my own opinion and for amusement only, just as if we where having a nice chat over a coffee in Starbucks.

This about page is going to be a little different from other about pages you might have read, firstly your notice that I have an 'about you' section, so you can see what I hope your get out of my blog.

About You

If your reading this you might be looking for a little more information about me, but firstly, why are you here, what are you hoping to learn from my blog?

I'll cover everything to do with owning a website and making money online, not from a get rich quick 'fake it to you make it', I've tried that, read my early blog posts to see what I mean, but from a personal I tried that and it doesn't work, I tried that and I made five pence point of view, I'll use humour, bad language (occasionally) and my own thoughts which are not designed to please anyone except me or fit into anyone's corporate marketing strategy.

Should you have a question about personal freedom and to me that means making money online and you need me to explain something to you, then just contact me and I'll see what I can do to help.

If your reading this blog and your a business, or running a website then do please feel free to contact me or post a comment on a blog post, this blog is for you to read and comment on too.

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