24 November, 2014

Top 5 SEO hasn't written a post since July 30, so I've written it for him

David McSweeney over at top5seo used to be a bit of a prolific blogger and imparted some really good SEO information, I particularly like David's case study posts where he shows you how he has made money on a website and the steps he took to get there.

I hope David won't mind this slightly 'tongue in cheek' comment on his blog, I certainly won't be writing a post in his style, but wanted to highlight how many bloggers, especially SEO bloggers, affiliate bloggers and well just bloggers in general seem to have given up on blogging, now I'm sure that's not the case with David and he will no doubt be busy with clients, but it's a case in point how hard it is to find regularly updated blogs on making money with SEO.

Sometimes you embark on a web project and just can't bring yourself to finish it off, other times you 'let it take care of itself' for a bit, whatever the reason with David I hope that he starts blogging again soon, as back when he was publishing regular posts I would check his blog every other day to see if he had posted as it was always a very good read.

David also plays guitar and sings in a band, so maybe he got a gig on a cruise ship and is sailing the Caribbean, I don't know I'm just guessing on that one, but want I want to do is highlight to you dear reader a truly excellent blog you should go read and give David a nudge to post another great article.