06 December, 2014

Find all the websites on an IP address

I thought I'd share with you a favourite trick to find all the websites on an IP address, basically how to find all the websites on a server.

First your need to know the IP address of the server where the website is hosted, to do that on a Windows PC just type cmd into the Windows search bar or look for Command Prompt in the Start > Programmes > Accessories folder of the start menu, then when you're in the command prompt (that black window so reminiscent of MSDOS), just type ping websitename.com and press the return key on the keyword, your see pinging websitename.com and then the IP address of the website, that's the IP address you need to know.

Take that IP address and go to bing.com, yes we have finally found a reason to visit the Bing search engine, and it's a pretty good reason now type into the search bar IP:blah.blah.blah.blah or whatever IP address the ping command showed you and now your see all the websites hosted on that server displayed to you by the Bing search engine,pretty neat huh, and that cool trick doesn't even work with Google.

You might like to know what other websites are hosted on a server to see if your server hosts any adult related or other nefarious websites that you might not like your website to be associated with Google calls this bad neighbourhoods, the other reason you might like to know what else is hosted on the server is just to be nosey and see who the other clients of the hosting company are or even to see how fast their websites are in compared to yours.

You can also use this method to snoop on similar websites that might be owned by the same person as a website you have just found, basically to see all the websites on that server that might be owned by the same person, I should tell you that your much better off building your own website than snooping on others, but an interesting trick nonetheless.

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